Three OS Migration Obstacles

3 Obstacles Stopping Your OS Migration and How to Overcome Them For many years, Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS were the standard for ruggedized, line-of-business, mobile computing. However, both platforms have reached their end of life, and support for these systems officially ended in early 2020. For organizations that rely on these devices for […]

Don’t Let Legacy Devices Drag You Down

Your Legacy Devices are Costing You (and You May Not Even Know It) Technology is evolving rapidly, often outpacing Moore’s Law. And as technology continues down the path of rapid evolution, it can be challenging for enterprises to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware and software for their business. This is one of […]

Windows CE End of Life: 4 Major Security Risks of Not Executing an OS Migration

Although it once dominated the enterprise mobility and rugged mobile device market, Microsoft has ceded new development in that space to other platforms and has phased out support of Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems. This means an end to security patches and updates. Users with fleets of devices equipped with Windows-based OS will […]