Peak-Ryzex & Ivanti – Wavelink to Fast Track your Mobile Technology Upgrade (Webinar)

What’s holding your upgrade to new mobile devices and a more advanced operating system back? By the end of this session, you’ll have a plan to tackle this question and any more you may have.

Peak-Ryzex – OS Migration – Upgrade Now

When looking to update technologies, one of the biggest concerns most business owners have is how to justify the cost. However, what they should be concerned about instead is the cost of keeping outdated technology.

Peak-Ryzex: OS Migration – IT Hurdles

Enterprises rely on their applications to make their business run. One of the most common questions, and biggest challenges related to OS migration, is, “How will we migrate our existing apps to the new OS?”

Avoid Devastating Consequences with OS Migration

Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS are at their end of life, with support ending in early 2020. However, many organizations are still using legacy devices and outdated operating systems to run their business. While the motivation to save capital is an understandable one, failing to upgrade can pose severe consequences to your business and […]

Peak-Ryzex & Zebra – OS Migration – Security

An obsolete operating system is a major security risk each day an enterprise continues using an outdated OS creates security risks that could bring business operations to a halt. Watch this video to find out more:

Three OS Migration Obstacles

For many years, Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS were the standard for ruggedized, line-of-business, mobile computing. However, both platforms have reached their end of life, and support for these systems officially ended in early 2020. For organizations that rely on these devices for critical manufacturing, logistics, and service applications, that means the time has […]

Don’t Let Old Devices Drag You Down

Technology is evolving rapidly, often outpacing Moore’s Law. And as technology continues down the path of rapid evolution, it can be challenging for enterprises to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware and software for their business. This is one of the main culprits of enterprises using legacy devices. Further, enterprise workforces grow comfortable […]

Zebra SMB Solutions (Infographic)

Peak-Ryzex Zebra SMB Solutions – Warehouse Vision Study (PDF)