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Multi-Platform Mobile Application Development

If you are in the process of determining how to upgrade an outdated data collection software application or looking to quickly and cost-effectively implement a new mobile application on rugged mobile computers, then Peak-Ryzex has the answer.

Peak-Ryzex utilizes the MCL-Mobility Platform which allows the rapid design, development, deployment, and management of cross-platform enterprise mobile data capture applications. Peak-Ryzex’s software development team can mobilize any data capture (barcode/RFID/voice) business process on almost any mobile device quickly and easily.

The application communicates with the ERP or host system using the wireless connection through the MCL-Net service running on a centralized server on the network. Using this approach, Peak-Ryzex can quickly load, license, and activate mobile devices before being shipped to the customer.


Peak-Ryzex offers mobile device application and software deployment, commissioning capabilities, simplified device configuration setup and allows enterprises creating their own enterprise application store with mobile applications geared for their needs. Want to include new business logic or introduce enhanced features to the application? Simply deploy to just one or many mobile devices throughout your enterprise within a matter of minutes.


Mix and match mobile device types best fitting the needs of your mobile workers, seamlessly switch between communication options (WiFi, Ethernet, 3G/4G), and simply decide on how to exchange business data with your back-end systems. You can choose from having your devices connected directly to your back-end systems or benefit from simplified and cost-saving data-storage and exchange capabilities.


Peak-Ryzex uses the MCL-Mobility Platform to go beyond the classic and traditional MDM capabilities. It allows Peak-Ryzex to help customers manage the entire mobile lifecycle including application management (introductions, updates, and retirements), data management (cloud based ‘store & forward’ data options), and operator management (role and language based profiles) helping you to manage your mobile workforce, all from a centrally managed, cloud-based, scalable, and secure environment.


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