Expense Management

Expense Management

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) offering includes all of the great features of WMM, including ordering, inventory and reporting. But this is where the real ROI and savings come in – as we combine these services with our leading invoice processing, audit and optimization, dispute management, and full-scale customer service and help desk support. Any type and number of telecom bills can be brought into our application to be processed and paid on time each month. Billing errors will be investigated and disputed, while services and contracts are optimized to provide the maximum value at the best cost. Our highly trained in-house support staff are available 8AM–8PM Monday–Friday, or 24 x 7.

Vendor Management

  • Source and procure new telecom vendors
  • Negotiate contracts including pricing, discounts and terms
  • Develop and measure service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Special projects and CL/IL/CRIL arrangements
  • Consolidate vendors, accounts and services
  • Carrier/account team relationship management
  • Load, track, validate and extend contract/pricing elements

Inventory Management

  • Corporate liable (CL), individual liable (IL) and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • View/email upgrade eligibility status and activity change alerts
  • Track assets by user, device, category and location
  • Change service requests for MACD activities
  • Validation against invoices and orders
  • Allocate costs correctly while integrating with HR, Finance and IT systems
  • Customizable hierarchies based on any corporate structure

Invoice Management

  • Split billing between business and personal calls/BYOD
  • Process carrier billing data in all manual, paper and electronic formats
  • Request billing inventory details, as well as data warehouse information
  • Allocate account and line item details into service types and cost centers
  • Archive and access past invoices with trending
  • Process domestic and international invoices from all carriers
  • Sort, review, approve, edit and dispute invoices by specific criteria

Audit & Optimization

  • Invoices audited and compared to contracts as well as inventory
  • Dual validation with our application and expert team of Analysts
  • Correct billing errors quickly with status updates until credits applied
  • Full dispute management with research, submittal and resolution
  • Optimization services include vendor, rate plan and service changes
  • Exceptions administration with customizable thresholds for notifications
  • Issue dispute tickets directly from invoices with instant recommendations

Reporting & Analysis

  • Standard, premium, summary, detailed and customized reports
  • 300+ report types with custom criteria and delivery options
  • Create, save, edit, share, email and schedule reports
  • Import and export in various formats and styles
  • Sort and edit hundreds of metrics in different screens and types
  • Analysis and business intelligence give insight into environment
  • User friendly and visually appealing reports with graphs and charts

Help Desk Support & Customer Service

  • World class implementation and operations support team
  • Multiple layers of support including onboarding, customer care, account management, ordering and IT
  • 8 am to 8 pm Eastern and 24 x 7 options available
  • Tickets can be submitted via email, phone and chat
  • Integration with internal customer service staff and systems
  • Technical Help Desk for both wireless and wireline
  • End-to-end lifecycle management, troubleshooting and resolution

Consulting & Training

  • Develop and communicate corporate telecom policies
  • Create company-wide standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Implementation and program support at multiple levels with industry leading experts
  • Transition between CL, IL and CRIL/BYOD
  • Project/program management by certified specialists
  • Telecom, TEM and WMM expertise with over 400 years of combined experience
  • On and off-site resource training and internal process improvement

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What is Telecom Expense Management?

TEM stands for telecom expense management, and the simplest definition of TEM is managing wireless and wireline services and asset expenses. It combines processes for IT and the finance departments of your organization, allowing them to support and acquire provision of all the corporate telecom assets, managing all of the third party services and contracts in the supply chain of your telecommunications.

The term Telecom Expense Management can make it seem like the service is only about managing telecommunication bills and contracts; however, it goes far beyond just billing systems. From asset inventory management to sourcing, inventory management, procurement, and more, TEM can help you reduce costs and risks.

Operating in today's business world requires a tremendous amount of technology – telephones, smartphones, laptops with cellular data, tablets, and more – and newer technology continually hits the market. The complexity in managing all of this, even in a small organization, can be a completely time consuming. And, as your business scales, so does the cost to manage all of the contracts, optimize the environment, audit, and negotiate. Telecom management is not at your business core strength, and the costs involved in having employees shoulder the burden is often more expensive than all the contracts and costs of your actual telecommunications. With Manage Mobility by Peak-Ryzex, it is at our core strength – outsourcing to us will allow your company to focus on what you do best while we help save your company time and money. Recent surveys and research show that companies who have a telecom expense management system save up to 22% over companies who do not. With billing errors averaging out to 5-12% of the overall telecom budget, audits from a team of professionals is just one way we save your entire organization money on your TEM budget. Even small errors in billing and invoicing each month can accrue significant costs and overages month-over-month from hundreds, if not thousands, of devices. From corporate-owned to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) equipment, having a system to manage all of your assets is a wise decision.

Manage Mobility by Peak-Ryzex gives you an all-in-one managed mobility platform, removing the hassle of managing multiple vendors and systems, and saving you both time and money.

Let’s talk! How can we help you Manage your Mobile Enterprise?

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Mobility Consulting Services

Expert advice with Mobile Consulting Services: We help you build a mobility roadmap to align the right services and solutions with your business needs.

Mobile Procurement and Order Management

Direct procurement with Mobile Procurement and Order Management: After understanding mobile needs we help you choose the correct mobile device and offerings.

Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment

Skilled provisioning with Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment: Skilled project management and mobility implementation teams are engaged to deploy the solution.

Mobile Device Management

Secure management with MDM: Implementation and management of your mobile devices and business apps across all departments.

Mobile Support Services

Hassle-free support with Mobile Support Services: The Peak-Ryzex Manage Mobility Services Center features a complete suite of services to support ongoing mobile deployment and operations.

Analytics & Optimization Services

Ongoing optimization with Analytics & Optimization Services: Make more effective business decisions through reliable data analytics and reporting.

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management including all the great features of wireless mobility management (WMM), including ordering, inventory, and reporting through an easy to use online tool.

Self Services

Easy self-service online portal allows you to view, manage, and review the information you want on your own time and schedule.