Manage Mobility by Peak-Ryzex

Enterprise Managed Mobility Services.
A single solution for your entire enterprise mobility.

Mobility Consulting Services

Expert advice with Mobile Consulting Services: We help you build a mobility roadmap to align the right services and solutions with your business needs.

Mobile Procurement and Order Management

Direct procurement with Mobile Procurement and Order Management: After understanding mobile needs we help you choose the correct mobile device and offerings.

Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment

Skilled provisioning with Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment: Skilled project management and mobility implementation teams are engaged to deploy the solution.

Mobile Device Management

Secure management with MDM: Implementation and management of your mobile devices and business apps across all departments.

Mobile Support Services

Hassle-free support with Mobile Support Services: The Peak-Ryzex Manage Mobility Services Center features a complete suite of services to support ongoing mobile deployment and operations.

Analytics & Optimization Services

Ongoing optimization with Analytics & Optimization Services: Make more effective business decisions through reliable data analytics and reporting.

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management including all the great features of wireless mobility management (WMM), including ordering, inventory, and reporting through an easy to use online tool.

Self Services

Easy self-service online portal allows you to view, manage, and review the information you want on your own time and schedule.

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Enterprise Managed Mobility

Manage Mobility’s innovative and proven methodology helps you execute your mobility strategies and immediately further your unique business mission, goals and business processes.

The Peak-Ryzex Mobility Solution Methodology provides a time-tested, phased step-by-step approach for acquiring, deploying, administering, maintaining and upgrading mobile solutions. We understand that implementing or transitioning to new managed mobility services for your company can be overwhelming. That is why we are here from the start to help you through every step of the journey, including post-implementation analytics, optimizations, and help services for your company’s managed mobility plans and procedures.

Your journey to your Enterprise Mobility Management Solution (EMM Solution) can be started in 3 fast, hassle-free steps:


Expert advice with our
Mobile Consulting Services

A mobility roadmap is constructed to align the right services and solutions based on your specific business needs, goals, and unique challenges.

Direct procurement with
Mobile Procurement and Order Management

Our enterprise mobility experts help you choose a carrier and devices for your mobility plan based on your specific business mobile needs.


Manage Mobility stages, kits and deploys your solution with
Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment

Skilled enterprise managed mobility project management and mobility implementation teams are engaged to deploy the right solution for your company. We help implementation of your mobile devices across all departments of your business.

Let’s talk! How can we help you Manage your Mobile Enterprise?

Contact your Manage Mobility expert today to learn more about how our Manage Mobility Services can be your hassle-free mobility solution.

Manage Mobility Services

After deployment our mobility solution continues to help your business with its mobility implementation, goals, and tasks with:

  • Hassle-free support with Mobile Support Services: The Peak-Ryzex Manage Mobility Services Center features a complete suite of services to support ongoing mobile deployment and operations.
  • Ongoing optimization with Analytics & Optimization Services: Make more effective business decisions through reliable data analytics and reporting. When optimizations to your solution are needed we are here to help you implement these changes.
  • Telecom Expense Management offering: Includes all of the great features of wireless mobility management (WMM), including ordering, inventory, and reporting to help streamline your processes.

Utilizing Peak-Ryzex Manage Mobility enterprise managed mobility solution gives your entire organization a competitive edge by:

  • Allowing your internal resources to focus on their core competencies.
  • Lowering your total cost of ownership and mobile deployments.
  • Improving your company's staff flexibility.
  • Ensuring maximum uptime of your mobile workforce and business processes
  • Helping you make more effective business decisions through reliable data analytics.

Manage Mobility is the ideal solution if your organization is facing any of these mobility challenges:

  • Multiple work sites
  • More than 50 mobile devices in use company wide
  • Multiple OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to manage
  • Remote workers

Leverage the potential of Manage Mobility in your enterprise with our managed mobility solution. We have you covered in all aspects of your business needs in mobility management.

Manage Mobility by Peak-Ryzex offers managed mobility services. We understand with so many different industry terms, some with the same meaning, they can be difficult waters to navigate. Our EMM solution covers every aspect of managing your mobility, company- or organization-wide.

What Is Managed Mobility?

Managed mobility is often referred to as simply MM or even MMS (managed mobility services) and is interchangeable with enterprise mobility management or EMM. EMM services are simply the processes, technology, and people tasked with managing mobile computing, wireless networks and mobile devices within a company or organization. Mobility managed services includes the process management and the IT services used when a company has mobile devices as part of their systems. MMS support these devices which corporations are liable for and provide new levels of control. The accumulation of so many extra devices and mobile devices in the workforce is known as “The 3 V’s”: Volume, Variety, and Volatility, which refers to the number of devices and users involved, policy changes to fit into changing standards, and high rates of change. Companies outsource their mobility management to Peak-Ryzex so they can focus on their core business with the peace of mind of knowing their mobility is being managed by industry leading professionals.

What Is MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device management. MDM is the industry term for the administration for the management of mobile devices like laptops, tablets, cell phones (smart phones), and desktop computers. Businesses implement MDM solutions so that employees can stay productive without breaching corporate policies.

What Is BYOD?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device to work. This can also be called bring your own technology (BYOT), bring your own personal computer (BYOPC), or bring your own phone (BYOP.) All these terms are basically interchangeable and refer to the company policy of permitting employees to use their personally owned devices at work and allowing those devices to access privileged company applications and information. When researching BYOD policies you may also see the terms Corporate Liable, Individual Liable, and Corporate Responsible, Individual Liable (CL, IL, and CRIL)


Manage Mobility from Peak-Ryzex offers solutions for the entire range of managed mobility solutions. Including:

Mobility Consulting

With our mobility consulting service we start by reviewing, understanding and assessing your current mobile environment and the future goals of your organization. Once we have a thorough understanding of your current processes, equipment, strategies, and programs, the Peak-Ryzex process continues with us providing you:

  • A breakdown of process and systematic pain points
  • A Mobile Roadmap unique for you
  • An Outline of mobility processes and potential improvements across the business
  • The opportunities we find to streamline process and resource allocation
  • Our recommendation for the appropriate hardware systems for your mobile roadmap

Determining the right strategy and seamlessly executing that strategy is essential to mobilizing business and optimizing performance. That's why Peak-Ryzex developed the Manage Mobility solutions methodology. This innovative and proven methodology helps customers execute their mobility strategies and further their unique business mission, goals and processes. Peak-Ryzex understands that your business is YOUR business, and that processes and systems should complement and drive your specific business needs.

Mobile Procurement & Order Management

Peak-Ryzex's Mobile Procurement and Order Management process leverages over 30 years of experience in device consultation, selection and ordering. We procure the right mobile devices and accessories, whether that is consumer devices, light-duty devices, or highly rugged devices used for the harshest of environments. Our relationship with the leading wireless carriers and our knowledge of both WLAN (wireless local area network) and WWAN (wireless wide area network) environments enable us to customize service plans for your specific business needs.

After we have helped you select the right mobile devices, accessories, carrier plans, printers, supplies and support plans, Peak-Ryzex's Prism Portal takes over. Prism Portal is a web-based eProcurement and Management portal featuring hierarchy levels to enforce user and device policy. Prism Portal provides a complete approval workflow to make sure that every order is reviewed and approved to prevent theft or fraud. Customers can manage the status of their order and view the details of each order on the web portal 24/7. With the account changes module, users can submit changes to their product catalog or account and receive quick turnaround times with email notifications and online status tracking.

Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment

Whether you require a handful of mobile devices at one site or thousands of consumer and rugged devices across multiple locations, Peak-Ryzex's Manage Mobility team offers a Mobile Device Provisioning & Deployment service that provides you the power to outsource all staging, provisioning and setup tasks to our team of experts. Our extensive knowledge of applications, operating systems, connectivity settings and hardware allows us to efficiently manage the entire procurement, provisioning and deployment process for you so that your team can focus on your core business.

Our Mobile Device Provisioning and Deployment Service goes far beyond a standard software load. You will receive your mobile devices exactly to your company requirements, by user type, kitted with accessories, labeled, fully tested, packed and shipped to your individual user facility, delivered on time and on budget. Your employees can immediately use their new mobile devices right out of the box – with communications, charged batteries and a pre-agreed golden image (also known as a clone image, master image or base image.)

Managing your mobile device setup process in-house may initially seem like a cost-saving measure. However, provisioning and deploying mobile devices is an extremely time-consuming process, requiring extensive knowledge of applications, wireless carriers and hardware. Ultimately, what may seem like a small task can put a significant strain on your workforce and detract from your core business initiatives. With Peak-Ryzex Manage Mobility solutions we ensure that your device-provisioning project is rapid and runs smoothly from end-to end, maximizing your uptime and saving you a significant amount of manpower and money.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Managing mobile devices across multiple locations and numerous end users requires careful attention. With an effective MDM solution, your mobile devices work well together. Service calls and business risk can be reduced. However, your MDM solution (mobile device management solution) is only one piece of the mobility puzzle. It can only function at an optimal level when managed efficiently on a daily basis. In order to maximize the potential, it requires a dedicated team of professionals with extensive knowledge of MDM best practices.

Our MDM services enable the P-R Manage Mobility team to remotely manage, support, track, monitor and secure your mobile devices.

  • Manage – Provision, configure and control mobile devices
  • Support – Efficient remote control and helpdesk tools for real-time support
  • Track – Locate and track devices anywhere in the world real-time or historically
  • Monitor – Proactive alerts and audit reports on device status for policy compliance
  • Secure – Encrypt data, authenticate corporate access, restrict features, and lockdown devices
  • IT Policy Enforcement – Ensure all systems meet Corporate standards and requirements

MDM Installation and Configuration

P-R Manage Mobility will host your mobile device management solution in the Cloud or we can install your MDM solution to a server of your choosing (provided the server meets specified requirements). The server can be on your premises or hosted remotely. We then configure your solution based on the agreed outcomes from the preliminary scoping process. From here, we can turn it over to your team or we can play a more extensive role and alleviate any strain on your internal teams.

MDM Training

Like most solutions, MDM is rarely used to its full potential. Our P-R Manage Mobility team helps you to get the most from your solution by conducting training based on your specific audience. You determine if the training will be for your administrators or for your operators who will interface with the MDM solution on a daily basis for support purposes. We develop all content based on your desired audience, and our classroom training can be hosted at our facilities or yours.

MDM Server Support

Our team offers server support to your MDM administrators. We monitor your MDM environment and manage all of the MDM related information on your server. Our team will notify you of any server-related issues that may impact the performance of your solution and manage necessary server updates on your behalf allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

MDM Deployment Services

The P-R Manage Mobility team can further alleviate the strain on your IT department by managing individual devices direct from our facilities. With first or second-tier technical support for mobile devices, should a device become inoperable in the field, we can reboot the device, reload the software and even reset the whole operating system without the device leaving the operator's hands.


Compliance-based security policies, including lost/stolen lockdown or wipe, encryption key rotation and role-based access rights management.


Accurate database of your mobile assets with information on serial numbers, IP addresses, MAC addresses, geographic location, repair history, plus we offer custom reporting.


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) firmware and application updates can be distributed over-the-air to devices without returning the device to the OEM or your IT department. Updates can be performed by P-R Manage Mobility during the day, in between shifts, or overnight. P-R Manage Mobility supports many leading MDM vendors including: Wavelink, Soti, AirWatch, MaaS360, Zenprise, Mobile Iron, Good, and more...

Mobile Support Services

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management with our state-of-the-art depot repair centers in the US, Canada and Europe: Our highly trained staff provides cost-effective and timely services for delivering quality repairs. Peak-Ryzex also manages the manufacturers' depot repair processes, making it easy to have multi-manufacturer support under a single contract regardless of whether you have consumer-type devices, rugged or a mixed mobile estate.

Advanced Exchange / Spares Management

The Advanced Exchange / Spares Management Program offers maximum protection from downtime and minimizes the disruption caused to your operations when a mobile device needs to be repaired. To save you space and additional inventory management Peak-Ryzex manages your installed mobile device base using a customer-owned spares pool, which is maintained at the Peak-Ryzex depot facility. This means whenever needed, pre-configured, ready-to-use replacement units are shipped to your facility overnight. Simply return the failed unit to the depot center, and it will be repaired and placed into the available spare pool inventory. By leveraging the Advanced Exchange program, less internal resources are required from your side to manage buffer stock, track assets, configure and stage devices.

With 24 x 7 access to our Prism Portal customer portal you will have a full range of Help Desk services to support your mobile deployments within the supply chain and mobile workforce. The main goal of the help desk is to increase the first-call resolution rate, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Our team focuses on isolating the caller's issues, for example, OS, application, connectivity and device level configuration/functionality. The Peak-Ryzex Help Desk provides an immediate point of contact for technical query resolution to maximize uptime, productivity and predictability across the mobile workforce.

Analytics & Optimization Services

Peak-Ryzex's Manage Mobility brings reporting, expense and device data updates all in one place. You will be able to easily review and evaluate service, hardware and device costs across all individuals and departments, in a single portal; ensuring devices and carrier services spending are as low as possible.

Data Reporting & Analytics

We optimize data gathering and provide you with insights through customized reports and actionable data that allows you to make targeted business decisions.

Manage Mobility reports are easy to use and navigate and include:

  • Invoice management
  • Yearly trends
  • Savings reports and tracking
  • Breakdowns by hierarchy, cost centers and GL codes
  • Breakdown of your telecom categories
  • Searching of expenses across carriers, departments, users, accounts and more
  • Cost allocation, auditing and invoice processing

And with our Mobile Device Portal Reporting you can view:

  • Battery performance
  • Device disruptions
  • Device utilizations
  • Device data usage
  • Device application installations and usage
  • Wireless carrier quote/selection
  • Hardware selection (commercial/rugged)
  • Commercial/rugged mobile devices
  • Printers and supplies
  • Custom ordering portal
  • Shopping cart view
  • Track order status

Expense Management

Our Telecom Expense Management offering includes all of the great features of WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), including ordering, inventory and reporting. But this is where the real return on investment and savings come in – as we combine these services with our leading invoice processing, audit and optimization, dispute management, and full-scale customer service and help desk support. Any type and number of telecom bills can be brought into our application to be processed and paid on time each month. Billing errors will be investigated and disputed, while services and contracts are optimized to provide the maximum value at the best cost for your organization. Our highly trained in-house support staff are available 8AM–8PM Monday–Friday, or 24 x 7.

Vendor Management

  • Source and procure new telecom vendors
  • Negotiate contracts including pricing, discounts and terms
  • Develop and measure service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Special projects and CL/IL/CRIL arrangements (Corporate Liable, Individual Liable, and Corporate Responsible, Individual Liable)


  • Consolidate vendors, accounts and services
  • Carrier/account team relationship management
  • Load, track, validate and extend contract/pricing elements

Inventory Management

  • Corporate liable (CL), individual liable (IL) and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • View/email upgrade eligibility status and activity change alerts
  • Track assets by user, device, category and location
  • Change service requests for MACD activities (moving average convergence/divergence activities)


  • Validation against invoices and orders
  • Allocate costs correctly while integrating with HR, Finance and IT systems
  • Customizable hierarchies based on any corporate structure

Invoice Management

  • Split billing between business and personal calls/BYOD
  • Process carrier billing data in all manual, paper and electronic formats
  • Request billing inventory details, as well as data warehouse information


  • Allocate account and line item details into service types and cost centers
  • Archive and access past invoices with trending
  • Process domestic and international invoices from all carriers
  • Sort, review, approve, edit and dispute invoices by specific criteria

Audit & Optimization

  • Invoices audited and compared to contracts as well as inventory
  • Dual validation with our application and expert team of Analysts
  • Correct billing errors quickly with status updates until credits applied
  • Full dispute management with research, submittal and resolution


  • Optimization services include vendor, rate plan and service changes
  • Exceptions administration with customizable thresholds for notifications
  • Issue dispute tickets directly from invoices with instant recommendations

Reporting & Analysis

  • Standard, premium, summary, detailed and customized reports
  • 300+ report types with custom criteria and delivery options
  • Create, save, edit, share, email and schedule reports


  • Import and export in various formats and styles
  • Sort and edit hundreds of metrics in different screens and types
  • User friendly and visually appealing reports with graphs and charts

Help Desk Support & Customer Service

  • World class implementation and operations support team
  • Multiple layers of support including onboarding, customer care, account management, ordering and IT
  • 24 x 7 options available
  • Tickets can be submitted via email, phone and chat
  • Integration with internal customer service staff and systems
  • Technical Help Desk for both wireless and wireline
  • End-to-end lifecycle management, troubleshooting and resolution
  • Consulting & Training
  • Develop and communicate corporate telecom policies
  • Create company-wide standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Implementation and program support at multiple levels with industry leading experts
  • Transition between CL, IL and CRIL/BYOD
  • Project/program management by certified specialists
  • Telecom, TEM and WMM expertise with over 400 years of combined experience
  • On and off-site resource training and internal process improvement