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USB Barcode Printers

A USB barcode label printer plugs directly into your computer using a USB cable. Most fixed desktop and industrial printers include USB connectivity in addition to serial, parallel and Ethernet options.

USB Barcode Printers

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  1. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MX611dhe Duplex Mono Laser MFP 35ST003
    Web Price $2,121.71
  2. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS812dtn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 40GT470
    Web Price $2,438.03
  3. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MS811dtn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 40G0440
    Web Price $1,393.21
  4. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS510dn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 35ST300
    Web Price $722.42
  5. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark CS517de Color Laser Printer 28EC050
    Web Price $478.18
  6. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MX611dte Duplex Mono Laser MFP 35ST002
    Web Price $2,003.77
  7. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark CS310n Color Laser Printer 28C0000
    Web Price $342.30
  8. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MS811n Mono Laser Printer 40G0200
    Web Price $960.14
  9. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark CX410de Duplex Color Laser MFP 28D0550
    Web Price $914.89
  10. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark CX417de Color Laser MFP (p/s/c/f) 28DC550
    Web Price $599.00
  11. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS315dn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 35ST160
    Web Price $360.55
  12. Starting at $731.50

  13. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS610dte Duplex Mono Laser Printer 35ST550
    Web Price $1,325.58
  14. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark CX410e Color Laser MFP 28D0500
    Web Price $699.00
  15. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MX611dfe Duplex Mono Laser MFP 35S6744
    Web Price $1,660.59
  16. Starting at $427.86

  17. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS810de Duplex Mono Laser Printer 40GT150
    Web Price $1,340.32
  18. Starting at $2,435.25

  19. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MX610de Duplex Mono Laser MFP 35ST000
    Web Price $1,649.92
  20. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark W850n Mono Laser Printer 19Z0300
    Web Price $3,309.25
  21. Starting at $1,597.75

  22. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MX410de Duplex Mono Laser MFP 35S5701
    Web Price $599.00
  23. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MS617dn Mono Laser Printer 35SC400
    Web Price $295.53
  24. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS610dtn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 35ST450
    Web Price $1,084.32
  25. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MS610dtn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 35S0450
    Web Price $854.51
  26. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MS417dn Mono Laser Printer 35SC260
    Web Price $252.59
  27. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark MX511dhe Duplex Mono Laser MFP 35S5704
    Web Price $1,207.30
  28. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark CX510de Duplex Color Laser MFP 28ET500
    Web Price $1,687.45
  29. FREE Shipping!

    Lexmark CS417dn Color Laser Printer 28DC050
    Web Price $399.00
  30. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark MS811dtn Duplex Mono Laser Printer 40GT440
    Web Price $1,767.86
  31. FREE Shipping!

    Government Lexmark CX310dn Duplex Color Laser MFP 28CT550
    Web Price $722.42
  32. Starting at $420.00

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