Telematics System Solutions

Comprehensive IoT Fleet Management Solution

Wherever your fleet operates, you need a setup in place that gives you true visibility of your vehicles when they’re out on the road. With an IoT (internet of things) telematics solution from Peak-Ryzex, your transportation and logistics operation can leverage real-time data and productivity-enhancing tools to make your operations run faster, safer and more efficiently.

Telematics goes beyond just GPS tracking; it provides you with both a robust dataset and analyses of that data to help your fleet managers make key business decisions. Drawing from the expertise and experience of its telematics partners, Peak-Ryzex will enable you to plan, track and accurately monitor your operations in real-time. With a robust telematics setup in your enterprise operation, you’ll create a truly connected cab.

Benefits of Peak-Ryzex Fleet Tracking & Telematics Technology

The benefits of integrating telematics devices and software include:

  • Vehicle and asset tracking – Gain or enhance full visibility of your vehicles and the goods they’re carrying as they head out on the road.
  • Job and delivery management – Oversee your entire estate of tasks and delivery routes and efficiently optimize them for the smoothest of ePoD operations.
  • Tire pressure and vehicle maintenance – Track the performance of your vehicles, such as tire pressure, while recording the contextual speed of your drivers.
  • External and internal camera systems – Gain true accountability of your fleet with external cameras for your trucks, vans and trailers.
  • Vehicle and driver safety – Ensure driver and public safety with driver identification and alcohol locking systems.
  • Speed monitoring – Track and reduce risky driver behaviors like speeding and hard braking.
  • Fuel consumption – Monitor fuel usage to reduce costs long-term.


With an end-to-end fleet management software solution incorporating the wide-ranging power of telematics data, Peak-Ryzex will boost the performance of your fleet throughout the supply chain and help reduce fuel costs with improved delivery and fulfillment management. Remain fully compliant with industry regulations, utilize tachographs to track vehicle performance, record vehicle temperatures and so much more.

Offering Route Optimization, Scheduling, Wireless Connectivity, On-Board Computing, ELD Solutions, Proof of Delivery and more, Peak-Ryzex is your one-stop-shop for all of your mobile workforce requirements. Contact our team today for more information.


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