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Zebra to discontinue service to MC9090 mobile devices

Zebra has announced discontinuation of service for MC9090 mobile devices at the end of fall of 2017.

Discontinuation of service can lead to significant interruptions for any business.

Extend your service contract

Peak-Ryzex is offering quality service and support on all Motorola MC9090s. By selecting maintenance from Peak-Ryzex, we will ensure that your business does not experience any unnecessary disruptions and eliminate extended lapses in servicing and support.

Prefer to upgrade? Keep Reading! 

Upgrade your MC9090s

Upgrade to the TC8000, a mobile computer that will revolutionize warehouse productivity. What makes this device a “must-have” for your customers and their workforce?

The TC8000 will impact performance in ways you never thought

  • Reduce wrist motion by 55%, eliminating the need to “tilt and verify”
  • Decrease overall muscle exertion by 15%
  • Increase typing speed by 40%
  • Slash error rates by 60% with an intuitive, all-touch keyboard
  • 33% lighter than traditional models
  • Speed up the learning curve and get lightning-fast interaction with Android™ OS

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