Specimen Tracking

Improved Specimen Tracking and Courier Management

Hospital and outpatient testing laboratories are working around the clock to process specimens and need error-free courier management workflows to efficiently handle the surge in demand related to COVID-19. It’s essential for lab administrators to have full visibility and tracking capabilities to document specimens throughout the courier process, from pickup, to delivery, and everywhere in between, to deliver accurate and fast results. Equipped with the right mobility and third-party software solution, labs can process tests and deliver results quickly and efficiently, avoiding missed specimens and empowering clinicians to provide critical care.

Peak-Ryzex has partnered with Medical Courier Elite (MCE) to offer a comprehensive cloud-based software solution designed specifically for medical  lab specimen tracking and courier route management utilizing barcodes & GPS. The MCE software optimizes the specimen collection process to ensure the traceability of specimens from pickup to lab delivery, and performs courier routing

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This turnkey solution has little to no impact on your IT staff and gives you the tools to provide better customer service, protect your practice from lost or misplaced specimens, improve courier accountability and productivity, and apply proactive solutions to increasing federal regulations.

Peak-Ryzex has coupled the CSE software with the best in class mobile computers designed for couriers that require real-time connectivity to business-critical applications. The mobile computers are compact, and can easily scan and capture data from barcodes on specimen bags or requisitions and use LTE cellular data to transmit the data in real time. With a secure mobile device, specimen and site visit information is transmitted safely and securely from the hospital to the lab.

Peak-Ryzex’s complete solution of hardware and software for specimen collection and courier service offers healthcare organizations and frontline workers a safe, secure, and more efficient way to manage the growing demand for lab testing and results. The solution is simple to integrate with your lab facility’s existing infrastructure and can be implemented immediately to meet today’s needs and challenges.

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