On-Demand Color Labeling Printing

Millstone Medical Outsourcing inspects, validates, and packages medical devices using distinctive branding provided by color labeling solution.

Millstone Medical Outsourcing is a Massachusetts-based medical device packaging partner specializing in the orthopedic sector. It offers a full suite of services to customers, ranging from advanced inspection and validation of medical devices to clean room and non-sterile medical device packaging and re-packaging to warehousing and distribution. Offering such a varied service portfolio requires careful management and a highly flexible production environment – including a labeling solution provided by Peak-Ryzex that can accommodate pre-printed color labels and variable data.

Situation: Ensure Business Flexibility and Scalability to Meet Increasing Customer Demand

  • Industry: Wholesale Distribution
  • Location: Northeastern United States

A typical customer needs an on-demand color label printer that can carry its distinctive branding and package design through to the labels. Millstone Medical Outsourcing must accommodate that request – after gaining a full understanding of that particular customer's objectives and what they deem to be the most critical features on the label.


Millstone Medical Outsourcing enlisted Peak-Ryzex – its partner for supply chain automation and inventory management solutions and services – for insight about the kind of color label printer that could meet the demands. Based on the project brief, Peak-Ryzex recommended considering Epson's ColorWorks™ C3500 and the recently launched ColorWorks™ C7500G. Both printers can produce labels that are strong enough to endure the harsh atmosphere orthopedic products may encounter during the sterilization process, including radiation, ethylene oxide, and gamma rays. In addition, while color is not a mandatory characteristic for medical device labels, the Epson solution can handle color coding or color images to help users easily distinguish products.

Featured Product

  • Epson ColorWorks™ C7500G on-demand inkjet color label printer

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Enterprise printing site survey
  • Label printer hardware selection and installation
  • Label design support
  • Training
  • Go-live support


Peak-Ryzex worked with Epson to obtain label design files from the end customer and printed samples on both ColorWorks™ models to aid the decision-making process. The ColorWorks™ C7500G excelled in color capabilities, flexibility to deliver the on-demand format and the high resolution printing that is most appealing to medical device companies working with a high number of SKUs. The on-demand labeling capability put control in the hands of Millstone and its customers by producing as many full-color labels as needed, precisely when needed. That flexibility enables fast switching between projects efficiently and easily, significantly reducing downtime. Additional benefits included:

  • Bright, vibrant colors that are almost photo-like in quality on a wide range of label media, including glossy stock
  • Unique “cloud” solution that lets customers design, electronically review, approve, and print labels remotely
  • Label printer passed FDA validation tests in less than four weeks
  • Use of glossy media that communicates high quality
  • Compliance with the Food and Drug Administration's Unique Device Identifier (UDI) system