Improved Distribution Center Efficiency with New Wireless and Mobile Computing Solution

Nikon simplifies SAP implementation in major U.S. distribution centers by employing custom wireless mobile computing transactions.

Nikon is internationally known for making precision optics, 35mm and digital imaging technology and microscopes, among its other products. Nikon operates two U.S. distribution centers implementing an SAP system that appeared to generate more paperwork than the legacy system – until Peak-Ryzex implemented a new wireless system that eliminated the need to fill out manual forms.

Situation: Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Improve Efficiency of Business Processes

  • Industry: Manufacturing: Optics and Imaging
  • Location: Northeastern United States
  • ERP System: SAP

Nikon's decision to adopt SAP on a company-wide basis necessitated a large-scale wireless mobile computing implementation in its warehouses. However, the standard SAP transactions appeared to involve an amount of paperwork that was even greater than what the company was accustomed to with its legacy system. Company officials felt it was intolerable to spend the money to implement a new technology and end up with more paperwork.


Peak-Ryzex helped formulate and implement a wireless mobile computing strategy that was instrumental in the successful SAP implementation. Peak-Ryzex developed 12 custom SAP transactions that handled all the daily tasks in the distribution centers without any paperwork. Moreover, Peak-Ryzex helped design and install the wireless infrastructure and provided training and support for the entire project. Finally, they developed a new interface for the existing RF system in the repair centers to enable it to co-exist with SAP.

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Custom SAP transaction development
  • Wireless site surveys
  • Wireless infrastructure design services
  • Wireless implementation services
  • Project Management
  • Go-live support


The 12 custom mobile SAP transactions developed by Peak-Ryzex allowed Nikon to make substantial improvements in productivity and customer service. For example, an advanced shipping notice transaction can query carton contents at any time simply by entering the carton number, eliminating the need to break open a carton to see what is inside. The put-away transaction suggests a location for the carton, but also allows the operator to override the choice. The operator stowing the carton simply scans the carton and scans the new location to complete the put-away transaction. Nearly everything that happens in the warehouse is recorded by an operator with a mobile computer, providing benefits that include:

  • Improved inventory insight with entries via mobile computers made on a near real-time basis
  • Increased warehouse productivity by reducing paperwork time
  • Eliminating all manual data entry by simply scanning labels
  • Eliminating the need to fill out forms as product is being picked or put away