Distributed International Enterprise Labeling Solution

A leading metal fabricating company needed to provide a distributed enterprise labeling licensing model at sites in the western United States and Mexico. Peak-Ryzex delivered a flexible, scalable solution using one label format for any Windows®-compatible printer.
A major metal fabrication company required a centralized enterprise labeling solution for its distribution and manufacturing centers that could integrate with SAP and legacy label printers. Peak-Ryzex provided a fully centralized solution that accommodated various sites and legacy printers across the enterprise.

Situation: Create a Centralized Labeling Solution that Integrates with SAP, Multiple Sites, and Legacy Printers

  • Industry: Metal Fabrication
  • Location: United States and Mexico
  • ERP System: SAP

The metal fabricating company needed a centralized enterprise labeling solution that integrated with SAP in multiple distribution/manufacturing centers. The solution needed WYSIWYG label design, integration with SAP, and had to be scalable to a fully centralized solution in the future. The integrated solution needed to co-exist with an older version of BarTender already being used for printing with proprietary systems and the previous ERP. Remote installation, label format creation, documentation, and go-live support for the integrated SAP Commander servers at the discrete sites was also needed. A distributed licensing model was used for three separate sites throughout the United States and Mexico.


Peak-Ryzex, as a Certified Enterprise Partner with Seagull Scientific, provided BarTender Enterprise Automation software licensing, maintenance, and consulting, in addition to multiple implementation services provided remotely – including label format design and mapping, installation and documentation, and go-live support. Particularly, iDocs electronic data interchange format was converted to XML files generated by SAP and dropped to a network file folder on one of the three relevant regional VM servers. The file folders were a common shared structure on a separate server on the network accessible by all three Commander servers.

Featured Products

  • BarTender Enterprise Automation Edition
  • Seagull Scientific print drivers

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Labeling application consultation
  • Custom label formatting and design
  • SAP integration and support
  • Project management
  • Go-live support


The company received a single labeling software solution and a flexible, scalable enterprise labeling solution integrated with SAP. Use of Seagull Scientific print drivers made it possible to create one label format that could accommodate printing to any Windows printer brand/model without having to import formats into SAP. The company leveraged iDocs as an XML data structure to serve as a common (and certified) approach with integrating SAP to other systems. The SAP implementation cost was reduced by off-loading a large portion to Peak-Ryzex and leveraging BarTender software and its SAP-certified integration.

Other benefits included:

  • Additional standalone printing solutions not integrated with SAP were also provided for using BarTender software
  • Custom front-end applications to allow for standalone workstation printing using customized databases databases
  • Support implementation with site consultation and support