Chemical Product Labeling

Acrylic paint manufacturer benefits from centralized label solution that provides in-house printing.
Golden Artist Colors, a leading manufacturer of acrylic paint and materials for professional refinishers and artists, needed to establish a centralized, enterprise-class labeling solution and a centralized product database.

Situation: Establishing a Centralized, In-House Label Solution

  • Industry: Manufacturing – Chemical
  • Location: Eastern United States
  • ERP System: X3

Golden Artist Colors needed to implement a centralized, enterprise class labeling solution that would provide in-house printing for product and display setup labels in manufacturing and a centralized database for product/paragraph associations.


Peak-Ryzex provided a complete enterprise class labeling solution that allowed for centralized data control of all required product/paragraph associations (including health and safety clauses), images and language translations.

A custom front-end application was developed to work with a custom MS-SQL server database to allow for the maintenance and mapping of information to required label formats and integration to the existing X3 ERP system.

BarTender label formats were developed to accommodate dynamic paragraphing and auto-sizing of text to fit specific label template requirements. BarTender's Commander component was used to field requests for printing and send them to targeted printers.

Featured Products

  • BarTender Enterprise Automation Labeling Software
  • Zebra thermal printers
  • Thermal labels and ribbons

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Custom front-end application development
  • Custom database design & implementation services
  • Label format design/creation services
  • Enterprise printing and labeling services
  • Onsite printer repair service


Golden Artist Colors benefits from centralized data maintenance of product, paragraph and translation associations and enterprise on-demand production labeling with less dependence on the use of pre-printed media.