What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management, which describes the process of administering, monitoring, managing, and securing mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, etc.) across an enterprise.

In its simplest form, MDM is a way to ensure productivity for your employees while keeping them compliant with the corporate policies you set for mobile devices. It can be cloud-based or on-premise and performs as a key factor in your enterprise managed mobility solution (EMM) by providing end-to-end security.

Uses & Benefits

Device management primarily deals with securing corporate documents, data segregation, enforcing corporate policies, securing emails, and integrating and the management of mobile devices. MDM solutions are not just for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops – they also provide management for mobile printers, kiosks, and point of sale devices to name a few – as the industry is shifting to a more general device management regardless of the mobile environment.

At the foundation of a secure mobile environment is the company’s MDM service. In today’s society, it is not only company-owned devices that need to be managed and secured from external and internal threats. Today’s employees almost expect to be able to use their own mobile devices for certain job duties. With employees using their own mobile devices, the term BYOD is used to describe this in a corporate environment. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. MDM services and solutions need to be able to manage both company-owned and employee-owned devices that connect to the enterprise.

MDM Software

Enrolling all corporate and employee devices might not seem like a big task, but without automation it often ends in an unsecured and extremely difficult to manage mobile policy. As employers and employees have vastly different expectations on what type of restrictions their personal devices should have, an automated and managed mobile policy is a must to reduce business risks and support costs.

MDM software simplifies the management of your devices by automatically configuring devices with the policies you set forth.

With an EMM solution utilizing MDM, you also can protect your business from other significant threats like a lost device or an ex-employee taking a device after they are no longer employed. Peak-Ryzex Manage Mobility provides an MDM solution that is able to not only locate any device in the system but also wipe the device remotely or lock it remotely, protecting the data. One automated process to help protect a company’s mobile device from theft or loss is to set up geofencing so that the device only works within a certain range from its specified location, and even time restricted access for additional security.


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