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Real Time Information Integration
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Real Time Information Integration (RTi2)

Improve the efficiency of your supply chain

The Business Challenge: Supply Chain Visibility
Real Time Information Integration
RTi2 is Peak-Ryzex' unique process and approach to Real Time Information Integration for Supply Chain operations.

The power of your SAP or ERP/WMS system for supply chain management can only reach its full potential when the data processed is timely and accurate.

Many customers have automated key areas of their supply chain but still face the challenges of managing inventory and goods movement with manual data entry and product identification processes. These time-consuming processes delay the critical information necessary to run an efficient warehouse/distribution, storeroom, or manufacturing operation. Small gaps in timing or data entry errors can exacerbate the already difficult task of ensuring the right product, at the right time, in the right place.

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Real Time Information Integration Process

Supply chain business problems impact productivity and profitability:

  • Data captured on forms, clipboards or worksheets never makes it back to your ERP or WMS system.
  • Inventory inaccuracies due to keypunch errors, lost product identifiers, and other manual methods result in longer cycle times and the continual need for physical inventories.
  • Increasing labor and operating costs to manually correct errors.
  • Lack of visibility to information and movement of materials plagues buyers and planners trying to align supply and demand.
  • Compliance with industry identification mandates.

Ten tips to improve your bottom line – while maximizing your return on investment
The sluggish economy is driving many businesses to search for cost-cutting opportunities in supply chain and IT operations. While necessary, it’s important to ensure that cost cutting does not have long-term negative effects on ROI.

These ten tips can help you leverage efficiencies in your supply chain and related RF infrastructure. 

"One call for all" reduces total cost of ownership

Supply chain integration and real time data visibility requires streamlined systems and processes. Eliminate the time and effort spent to manage multiple vendors – scheduling conferences, preparing and reviewing RFPs, analyzing costs and billing processes, measuring and assuring supplier performance and quality – by establishing a strong, successful single-source supplier relationship for your mission critical supply chain infrastructure.

Solutions that deliver proven results

Get the most out of your supply chain system investment with the best combination of real-time data input and output. Peak-Ryzex RFID, wireless, and printing solutions make real-time visibility into your supply chain a reality. Contact Us.

Learn why successful operations count on Peak-Ryzex.
"The bottom line is that after only a few months of operation, we reduced our cost per box by 6%. In addition, we’ve seen a 40% reduction in shippable backlog due to the improved speed at which receiving, put-away and replenishment have been accomplished."

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